• Coiling & Bindling

  • Automatic Cable Cutting and Winding Machine, Cable Winding and Tying Machine, Nylon Cable Tie Tying Machine, Wire Binding Machine, Wire Bundling Machine
  • Semi-auto strip twist brush

  • Jingwei is a leading manufacturer of automatic wire stripping and crimping machine in China, we provide various types of wire stripping machine
  • Blades

  • Terminal machine blade,wire stripper blade, wire cutting machine blade, tungsten steel blade
  • Terminal Tensile Tester

  • Terminal Tensile Tester,terminal pull-off force tester, wire pull tester Wire Crimping Force Tester, Crimping Force Tester Machine
  • Cut machine

  • tape cutting machine, belt cutting machine, webbing cutting machine, care label cutting machine, narrow fabric tape cutting machine
  • Cable labeling machine

  • Cable labeling machine,Wire labeling machine,labeling machine, label applicator,Tube Labeling Machine, Cable Wrap Around Labeling Machine
  • Automatic Crimp Machine

  • Crimping Machine, Fully Automatic Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine, Wire Cutting Stripping and Crimping Machine, Wire Sealing and Crimping Machine
  • Crimping tools

  • Crimping tools,Crimp Applicators and Crimp Blades in China, We Supply Terminal Crimp Applicator, Terminal Crimping Applicator
  • Auto Wire feeder

  • Auto Wire feeder,wire dereeler, cable dereeler, wire prefeeder, cable prefeeder, wire prefeeding machine, cable prefeeding machine
  • Automatic soldering machine

  • Automatic soldering machine,USB Soldering Machine, Automatic USB Soldering Equipment, USB Cable Soldering Machine
  • Nylon Cable Tie Machine

  • Nylon Cable Tie Machine,Cable Tie Tying Machine,Nylon Tie Tying Machine, Nylon Tying Machine,Hand-held tie machine
  • Injection machine

  • Injection molding machine,Injection Molding Machine for AD Plug, Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Plug Connects
  • Brazing welding machine

  • Brazing welding machine,Soldering Machine,Robot Fully Automatic Double Station, Rotary Soldering Machine for Circuit Board Welding
  • Screw fastening machine

  • Screw fastening machine,Screw Driving, Screw Fastening, Fastening Robot,Power Tools, Fastening Robot, Electric Tool
  • Power cord crimping machine

  • Power cord crimping machine,Power Cord Crimping,Power Plug Insert Crimping, Power Plug Insertion,Power Cord Pin Insert Machine, EU Plug Crimping
  • wire harness tester

  • wire harness tester,Portable Terminal Cross Section Analyzer, Terminal Crimp Cross Section Analyzer Machines, Terminal Cross Section of The Analyzer
  • Glue Dispensing Robot

  • Glue Dispensing Robot Archives,Melt Glue Dispensing Robot, Automatic Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Robot, Three Axis Hot Melt Glue Dispenser
  • Packing materials

  • PE Twisting tie,Cable tie, iron core tie ,Twist Tie, Twist Ties, Candy Bag Twist Tie Twistband Wire, Twist Ties, PVC Ties Wire

About Us

XIAMEN JINGWEI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.  is a professional manufacturer enterprise engaged in wire and cable manufacture equipment and wire end processing equipment.

Our main products: wire coiling machine,wire processing machine,wire processing equipment,Wire harness processing equipment,cable reeling machine,wire coiling machine manufacturers,automatic cable coiler,automatic wire coiling machine,automatic wire winding machine,wire rope winding machine,automatic cable winding machine,wire tying machine,binding wire tying machine,automatic wire tie machine,wire binding machine,wire o binding machine,twin loop wire binding machine,electric wire binding machine, etc.